Olive Oil


Olive Oil

Around the farm extend the olive groves, from which comes a very special extra virgin olive oil  typical of the hills around  Montespertoli. Thanks to the passion of the owners, all the working phases, from harvesting, that is by hand,  to production, are scrupulously followed. The obtained oil is tasted and analyzed, so only the best selection of the company will be bottled.

Data sheet

 Area of Production: Montespertoli  - Florence

Altitude: 250 meters

Solil: clay , slightly alkaline

Olives Varieties: 70% Frantoio, 25% Moraiolo, 5% Leccino

Harvest: beginning the end of October ending the end of November

Harvest method: handpicked

Time betwen harvest and pressing: every day

Pressing methods: by disks

Extraction method: Decanter

Annual Production:  45 qyuintals

Medium oleic acidity: 0,2


Colour: green with yellow reflex

Aroma: artichoke, grass and almond

Tasting: lightly spicy with a agreeable bitter note

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